Our Mission

Be the quarterback of your dreams, orchestrating your life's game with precision and purpose.

We live in interesting and amazing times! However, I believe, we are not taught how to cope with or capitalise on them explicitly. We need to become our own Dream Quarterback.

There is no position in the World of Sport that is a metaphor for the human life quite like the Quarterback. As life happens: to step back, breathe, adapt, and make the plays of our life, like a Dream Quarterback.

Nutrition on the Run, Manual to the Brain, Daily Intentional Living Process, Progress with Purpose not Pain. #FREESTYLIN

About Dream Quarterback

"Be the quarterback of your dreams,"

Busy lifestyles, toxic environments and the abundance of fast food lead many to ask: how do I get more fruit and vegetables in my diet?

Are our brains wired to take the constant messages we receive on our phone and devices? Can we be the cause of good things in our life, and not be affected by the digital world?

And have people who have so developed the faculties of their mind, to get them working together to acquire whatever they want, without violating the rights of others.

Recent Event

Event 1

Go where people light you up. Who are we? And what do we stand for?

Do the Modern Day a Better way.

We stand for Love and Community, Fun and Learning, Health and Impact, Family and Purpose & Faith and Contribution and Integrity.

We stand up for what’s right in our profession. And we re in pursuit of MASSIVE impact: “Inspiring Healthy Living around the World” and “Help as many people realise their Dreams”.

Event 2

✔️Get BUSY Living, ❌Not BUSY Dying!

Get high on your own supply but, Why? So you can be younger next year!

Because when you stop thinking you know all there is to know about the world and operate from a new way of thinking🤔

There are INFINITE possibilities as vast as our Universe, but how do we combat Oxidative stress, like rust in a car in our bodies?So you can run as fast these sunglasses? 😎

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